Elevate your cloud security knowledge with Lacework Academy & Community

Lacework Academy AnnouncementDevelopers and security pros work in fast-paced environments so naturally they aim to deliver their work quickly, confidently, and securely. We all know it’s important to use a reliable cloud security platform to keep data safe and help prioritize alerts—but now, companies are realizing it’s also essential to understand security as a whole and as a result, to implement best practices into each part of their businesses. Security needs to be at the forefront of your mind whenever you make decisions and we wanted to make that even easier. To build upon the recent launch of Lacework Academy, we’re thrilled to introduce Lacework Community, a forum that enables our customers and employees to discuss and learn about cloud security and Lacework’s capabilities.

Lacework helps you identify false alerts before they cost you time and energy, and identify real threats before they become real problems. We want to help leverage the valuable information that you’ve gathered and ensure you understand what’s going on in your cloud. So, how do you prioritize security without spending unnecessary time and resources?

Keep it simple: Learn the fundamentals to enhance your organization’s security.
The first step is to learn security fundamentals. Can you identify the different types of cybersecurity threats impacting your cloud environment? Do you know how to use anomaly-based detection to find threats? Understanding these basic security concepts and terms is key to keeping your environment safe. That’s why Lacework prioritizes educating our customers about both Lacework and security fundamentals. We built our online learning platform, Lacework Academy, to empower security practitioners and developers to learn about security when and where it’s most convenient for you. Lacework Academy has free on-demand courses designed to help you enhance your organization’s cloud security and give you a best-in-class developer experience while adopting and using Lacework. Each class includes instructional videos, demonstrations, discussion forums, and activities to help you practice what you learn.

When you know more about security, discuss it with your peers, and incorporate it into your life, you’ll automatically associate your work with security instead of thinking of it as a tedious or daunting task. You’ll know the basics, understand what you need to do, and know exactly how to get there—you’ll have set yourself up for success.

How do we know what you need to know?
Just a few months ago, our small-but-mighty brand-new education team came together to determine who our primary Lacework users were and what information they needed to successfully secure their systems. They discussed security best practices with subject matter experts, talked to customers to determine what their priorities were, and conducted research to figure out what our customers liked and what they were having trouble with. We mapped out learning objectives to clarify exactly what we wanted our customers to know, and how we were going to get them there. Next, the team wrote scripts and developed slide decks, incorporating educational best practices to make sure we were teaching our learners effectively. Finally, we recorded the videos and live demonstrations and turned the recordings over to our multimedia producer for production and editing. Today, our education team has nearly doubled in size and is constantly ideating and planning new content for our customers.

Continue the conversation with the Lacework Community!
Asking questions is a critical part of learning. This is why we implemented the second part of our Developer Experience initiative—Lacework Community. Lacework Community is our community forum that provides users with subject matter expertise and empowers them to engage and share content to better understand Lacework’s capabilities. The community enables our customers to:

  • Ask, search for, and answer questions about Lacework and security
  • Share product feedback, suggest new features, and upvote your favorites
  • Communicate directly with Lacework employees and other Lacework users, to get quick responses to your questions
  • Learn about other customers’ experiences using Lacework
  • Discover new ways to use Lacework

What’s next?
Now that both Lacework Academy and Community have officially launched, our priority over the next few months is to enhance the courses we already have, add more short microlearning videos, and collaborate with our developer advocates and technical experts to create new courses to deepen your security knowledge. There’s always more to learn about security because it’s constantly evolving which is why we’re excited to share our knowledge and learn from your experiences as well. Let’s get started and join Lacework Academy and Lacework Community today!