Focus on your biggest cybersecurity risks first

.hero-image img{transform: scale(80%); margin-top: -5rem;}Bring cybersecurity risk into focus and fix what matters most with data-driven decision making


Too many alerts.
Too little time.

Using manual processes to identify cloud risk is unscalable. Poor visibility and lack of context creates friction between teams and makes prioritization virtually impossible.

The cloud never sleeps

The cloud’s flexibility is its biggest advantage. But constant change can trigger loads of alerts, making IT security risk management a tall task.

Too much noise, not enough context

Too much noise, not enough context

Each cloud environment is unique. Without assessing risk in the proper context, it’s tough to know what’s important and how to fix what’s broken.

Blindspots leave you in the lurch

Blindspots leave you in the lurch

Overflowing alert queues and cloud blind spots leave security teams wondering what security vulnerabilities are out there that they can’t see.

Costly mistakes caught too late

Friction between security and DevOps teams makes for late post-production risk fixes, which come at a much higher cost.

Case Study

An e-Commerce brand bolsters its cloud security posture, slashing alerts by 90%

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Prioritize risk for your unique environment

Understand the impact of risks in your environment by combining third-party frameworks with your unique cloud data.

  • Find critical issues unique to you

    Conduct cybersecurity risk assessments without ambiguity by connecting potential risks to what’s actually running in your cloud workloads.

  • Think like an attacker

    See the most exploitable and profitable attack paths and associated risk factors from across your entire cloud-native application lifecycle.

  • Fix cybersecurity risks earlier

    Bring teams together in a single platform to smooth out security and DevOps workflows and catch risks before they’re deployed to production.

Our Approach

Put your data to work

Our single platform ingests data from all corners of your cloud to help you accurately assess risk and respond to your biggest issues faster.

Ingest data quickly

  • Painlessly connect your cloud accounts, services, CI/CD pipelines, and workloads
  • Roll out various agentless data ingestion methods to gain quick and comprehensive visibility into security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Deploy our lightweight agent to add deeper insights and continuous runtime data into cybersecurity risk assessment

Prioritize risks accurately

  • Correlate disparate data points across build and runtime to surface the greatest risks to your unique cloud environment
  • Automatically see potential attack paths by tying together vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and exposed secrets
  • Easily identify your top vulnerable hosts and container images, top attack paths with secrets, and top exposed data assets
  • Continuously monitor users and their associated permissions and right-size your riskiest cloud identities

Fix issues systematically

  • Reduce critical alerts by 90 percent with a custom risk score that enriches third-party risk feeds with your own cloud data
  • Receive context-rich remediation guidance on your biggest cloud risks and delegate through integrations with existing workflow tools
  • Empower developers to self-service cybersecurity risks within their own toolchains

Ready to see us in action?

Find and fix the critical security vulnerabilities unique to your own cloud environment faster than ever before.

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