A $525 Million Growth Round To Scale Lacework

At Lacework, we’re helping to secure cloud infrastructure so our customers can innovate with speed and safety. Cloud changes constantly. To build securely in the cloud, you have to know the difference between normal and threatening changes.

Lacework was built to understand cloud changes. We capture cloud data and activities and organize it into behaviors so you can build fast and run fearlessly. On average, our customers typically:

  • Consolidate 2 to 4 tools from in their environment when making the switch to the Lacework platform
  • Receive 98% fewer false positives
  • And achieve 90% reduction in event investigation and research time

With Lacework, our customers can dramatically reduce their security costs while improving visibility across their cloud and container environments.

About our recent news…Back in September of 2019, we announced our last financing round based on the need of a New Generation of Security. Our thesis then stated the combination of a massive IT transformation in the cloud, a large distributed attack surface, and the beginnings of breaches/exposures would create a large market need for a new type of security.

This new type of security needed to be designed and delivered to serve the cloud generation of  builders – it has to serve development, devops, and security organizations and modern architectures.

Now, almost 1.5 years later, we are excited to announce that based on our incredible execution and market momentum of back-to-back 300% growth years, we are announcing a new round of funding.

This funding, which may be the largest raise in the history of security companies at $525 Million and well over a billion dollar valuation, demonstrates that our original thesis not only holds true but is accelerating with cloud adoption, the velocity of innovation, and the threat landscape.

We created a quick four-minute video to highlight why we are so excited.


I would like to thank all our existing investors, our new investors, all our customers and  all our employees. The momentum surrounding this incredible company against an amazing opportunity is incredibly exciting.

We are just getting started!

— Dan Hubbard, CPO Lacework


PS: If you are new to Lacework and want to learn more about the future of cloud security, we are hosting a webinar just for you. Please click here to register.



Photo by Mark Harpur via Unsplash.