Introducing Lacework Academy, Our New Online Learning Platform

Lacework has officially launched Lacework Academy, an online learning platform with free on-demand courses to teach Lacework customers and employees about cloud security and how to use Lacework. Our courses are designed to help you implement Lacework into your workflow to enhance your organization’s cloud security.

Each class includes instructional videos, demonstrations, discussion forums, and activities to help you practice what you learn. And at the end of a course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Lacework Academy. We currently have two courses available:

  • Lacework Essentials for DevOps Engineers: Businesses must understand and protect their application data to innovate quickly as they grow their cloud presence. This course explains how to get started with the Lacework platform so you can learn everything you need to know about your cloud environment. We’ll demonstrate how to install and deploy Lacework, use the Polygraph to increase your visibility, investigate cloud events, explore compliance reports, and modify policies and settings.
  • Lacework Fundamentals for Security Practitioners: As companies scale, migrate to the cloud, and expand their cloud presence, they create a more complex cloud infrastructure and therefore face many challenges to secure their infrastructure. This course will help security and compliance professionals identify whether Lacework is the right solution for your cloud. You will learn how Lacework makes compliance reporting, continuous monitoring, and resolution of critical events time-efficient, clear, and concise.

Lacework Academy will benefit our customers not only in how they use Lacework, but also how they apply their security knowledge and awareness to all aspects of their work. Lacework Academy empowers our customers to:

  • Innovate and protect. Our courses provide customers with the necessary information to innovate quickly and confidently with Lacework, and ultimately secure their applications faster.
  • Implement security best practices. Understanding security best practices—and how to adhere to them—results in fewer incidents, improved performance, and faster response times.
  • Lead the industry. Our training is designed with builders in mind, which helps customers retain high-performing engineers and attract new talent.
  • Understand what you see, and why you see it. Our Lacework Academy instructors comprehensively explain everything you will encounter while using the platform. We know how important it is to have context behind the notifications that you receive and the data you see.
  • Share your feedback. The Lacework Academy team will continuously develop new courses and implement feedback from learners to enhance your experience. We will promptly respond to your questions at and on our course discussion boards.

Join us and register for free to get started with Lacework Academy today!

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