Lacework achieves ‘Service Ready’ for Amazon Linux 2023


Lacework is proud to announce that we have achieved the Service Ready validation for Amazon Linux 2023 (AL2023). This achievement is yet another milestone in our continued partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We remain committed to strengthening our partnership with AWS for those customers that continue to adopt AWS services.

AL2023 builds upon the reliability and security of Amazon Linux and further advances Amazon’s Linux platform for the cloud. This update from AWS delivers frequent, predictable release cycles for faster access to innovations, plus enhancements that improve security posture. It also includes additional AWS service integrations. 

For Lacework customers, security in the cloud is a critical focus. Employing both preventative and detective methods is key, and that’s why customers rely on the Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform to help protect their AWS cloud environments. Preventing security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in their software applications is of paramount importance. Using AL2023 provides a highly secure foundation for our customers’ software applications through the adoption of SELinux, OpenSSL 3.0, and kernel live-patching. When combined with Lacework, these additions have the ability to prevent Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and cloud misconfigurations, plus block the packaging of vulnerable libraries in their software applications, ensuring that they have the highest security. 

The Polygraph Data Platform provides the detection of anomalous user and application activity and goes beyond protecting against known threats to finding unknown threats in the cloud. The Lacework agent technology on AL2023 also allows us to monitor Linux processes and network activity in order to detect potential threats. AL2023 comes with pre-configured SELinux policies, helping organizations meet standard compliance requirements. By continuously checking your AWS cloud environment against a set of standards and reporting the status in a single dashboard, customers use fewer resources to respond faster to the regular requests from auditors — saving time, removing manual work, and supporting new business opportunities.

“The Lacework vision is to be the security platform for the cloud, helping our customers innovate with speed and safety. Achieving Service Ready for Amazon Linux 2023 delivers on that goal.  We are delighted to support our customers as they look to adopt the reliable and secure services that AWS provides,” said Brian Lanigan, VP of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Lacework.

This Lacework and AWS announcement is an important aspect for our partnership and our continued focus on AWS security. To learn more about our integrations with AWS services such as Fargate, Security Hub and Graviton, visit