Lacework Achieves Unparalleled Security through Exceptional Partner Relationships and Solutions


Lacework Accelerate Expands Current Partner Ecosystem

Author: Radina Mihaleva

At Lacework, we’re committed to building stronger relationships and more meaningful connections with our partners and our customers. Perhaps what best highlights this philosophy is our recent expansion of Lacework Accelerate — a global technology and solutions partner program engineered to instill a cloud-first, security approach to teams that are building Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platforms.

Lacework Accelerate, which consists of a vibrant partner ecosystem, has the potential to develop meaningful relationships and technical integrations that carry the capability to produce meaningful results for our customers. At the center of Lacework Accelerate is a dedication towards making a measurable impact to the safety and security of our clients and customers.

After establishing and scaling over 30 technology integrations and channel partnerships in the first year, Lacework Accelerate has exceeded expectations in driving tangible value to our cloud communities by:

  • Enabling DevOps teams to infuse security best practices throughout the application lifecycle with the tooling they already rely on.
  • Providing the ability to quickly deploy security and compliance for customers while focusing on project delivery, quality and process improvement.
  • Helping cloud communities keep up with cloud innovation, and leverages security that drives reactive monitoring and provides proactive security observability and context at scale.

As a result, Lacework Accelerate empowers our customers with the visibility to secure data, networks and DevOps teams in a manner that involves the entire organization and addresses vulnerabilities as soon as they are detected.

Building on a Prolific Cloud Security Platform

Lacework Accelerate, which helps Solutions Partners such as MSSPs, VARs, SIs and OEMs build successful and profitable cloud security practices, rests on the shoulders of a stalwart cloud security solution like the Lacework Polygraph.™

Polygraph maps the relationships between cloud changes, adding security context to cloud activity, configuration compliance and vulnerability discovery. Polygraph also exceeds security and compliance requirements by empowering IT security teams with security content that drives visibility into host workload, container and Kubernetes platforms as well.

Truly built cloud-first, from the ground up, Lacework Polygraph, in conjunction with Lacework Accelerate, helps customers avoid complex setup and maintenance tasks, save between 5 and 30 hours a week while consolidating point products and boosts feedback loops with precise telemetry and APIs for DevSecOps collaboration.

“Lacework is the only security platform that was truly built cloud-first, from the ground up,” said Brad Woodward, Principal Security Architect at Observian, a Lacework MSSP partner. “They help us build trust and reduce costs associated with cloud security for our customers, as well as open new revenue streams for our business.”

Connecting Security with DevOps

As IaaS and PaaS providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP increase the productivity capabilities for developers, and make organizations extraordinarily agile, Lacework Accelerate helps drive the purpose-built security for today and tomorrow’s modern cloud infrastructure — bridging Security and DevOps Teams.

Specifically, the Lacework Partner Program helps our customers build successful and profitable cloud security practices, which exceed the standards of a safe adoption and transition to a cloud. Our approach towards a complete cloud security platform helps customers achieve their strategic initiatives around cloud, workloads, containers and Kubernetes with safety and security in mind.

  • Our partnership with AWS augments automation to your security capabilities that are available on AWS. Our zero-touch cloud security empowers AWS CloudTrail events to secure AWS accounts and monitor their activity, and drives secure production environments by monitoring users, apps, processes, containers, virtual machines and physical machines for security incidents.
  • Our solutions boost security automation efforts to Google customers by monitoring threats for workloads and accounts in GCP accounts across multi-cloud and containerized environments.
  • Lacework customers also get comprehensive threat detection for Kubernetes dashboards, pods, management nodes and clusters in addition to end-to-end security for their public cloud infrastructure workloads, accounts and containers.
  • Our automated, comprehensive threat detection drives deep insights into workloads and accounts that run in Azure and multicloud environments.

“As cloud adoption continues to grow and environments become increasingly complex, tightening the feedback loop between developers and security is essential. Organizations that inject security into their CI/CD pipelines, adding vulnerability scans and other security measures, helps to ship code faster. With the Lacework and CircleCi integration, organizations can effectively shift security left.” said Tom Trahan, VP of Business Development at CircleCi
“Integrating New Relic with Lacework means you can harness the power of observability plus behaviors for deep insights into your cloud security posture. This unique combination helps to reduce MTTD and MTTR,’ said Raj Ramanujam, VP of Alliances and Channels at New Relic.

Lacework Accelerate expands all the security capabilities we offer by providing to our customers a global technology and solutions partner program engineered to instill a cloud-first, security approach to teams that are building Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platforms.