Lacework drives customer innovation with confidence on AWS

Exciting times for Lacework at AWS re:Inforce 2022

More flexibility and visibility with agentless coverage for workloadsAWS re:Inforce 2022 kicked off today in Boston, Massachusetts. It feels good to be back at an AWS event, and even better to be surrounded by fellow cloud security lovers. This is an especially big event for Lacework, since cloud + security is our bread and butter. We are also thrilled to share that we’ve once again achieved the compliance and privacy distinction in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency. This is also an opportunity to champion our partnership and promote all the great work we currently have in place with AWS. Whether it is our Security Competency recertification that was announced at the conference or our previous Container Competency, we know how important it is for customers to work with AWS partners that have the technical expertise and customer success that enable them to go further, faster. Our integrations with AWS services allow our customers to build better by enabling them to continue to work the way they want, without having to refactor or reconfigure their code.

The Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform helps organizations of all sizes automatically uncover suspicious activity across their entire cloud environment, so they can detect and address true threats and risks to their business from build time through runtime. It uncovers the relationships between resources, services, users, network activity, etc., and uses behavioral analytics to detect abnormal activity. It empowers customers with the automation to see and understand cloud changes at scale without requiring manual intervention by security teams, leading to safer innovation at higher velocity. With broad support for AWS services, Lacework enables customers to innovate with confidence using the tools and services that best fit their business.

Our customers couldn’t agree more! In a recent case study with Greenlight Guru, they shared how Lacework delivered a better way for them to manage risk from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and enabled them to increase productivity and optimize the security management process. Here’s what David Odmark, Chief of Security at Greenlight Guru had to say: “We built Greenlight Guru on AWS, because it is important for us to be able to move quickly and securely, with less complexity in our environment. Lacework software takes care of all the heavy lifting of protecting our AWS environment. This means that our team can concentrate on other important activities at our company and other aspects of security.”

Using the Polygraph Data Platform, customers can get continuous security and configuration support for AWS with more automation and fewer rules. The Platform provides a single view which constantly shows all activity in a customer’s AWS environment, including new service activation, new events, and changes in access controls. Customers are also able to easily find misconfigurations like unauthorized region usage or out of compliance Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3 buckets.) With better visibility into risks and insight to act faster against them, customers can feel confident modernizing their environment by migrating more workloads to AWS with build time and runtime protection of microservices, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), AWS Fargate, and more.


We are committed to co-building with AWS, and we are excited to report that the Polygraph Data Platform now supports:

  • AWS Vendor Insights – a new public preview offering announced at AWS re:Inforce 2022. This tool provides buyers with on-demand access to security and compliance information
  • AWS Fargate – innovate safely with Lacework support for container environments leveraging AWS Fargate serverless compute
  • AWS Graviton – this software integration enables customers to securely take advantage of the best price performance for cloud workloads running in Amazon EC2
  • AWS Control Tower – automatically and consistently applies security best practices and monitoring across an organization when a new account is enrolled. Account administrators can automatically add security auditing and monitoring from Lacework to AWS accounts seamlessly. This integration manages all required Lacework and AWS account configurations that allow access to AWS configuration and AWS CloudTrail logs.
  • AWS Security Hub – The integration with AWS Security Hub pushes cloud security events from Lacework to Security Hub, allowing an organization the capability to manage all of their AWS posture and compliance events from a single, consolidated view. 

Want to know more? If you are at the show, stop by the Lacework, #406. We also invite you to visit today and often to uncover all the great ways that Lacework is enabling you to go further, faster with the AWS. And feel free to contact us at with specific questions. Enjoy the rest of AWS re:Inforce 2022!