Stratics Networks Robocaller Database Exposed on AWS

If robocalls raise your blood pressure and cause you to scream things your mother would not be proud of, you may want to avoid breakable items because now there is even MORE of a reason to be angry.

Toronto-based Stratics Networks invented “ringless voicemails” which are used by telemarketers to autodial massive lists of numbers and dropping voicemails while not leaving a missed call. Customers can make 10,000 ringless voicemails per minute with Stratcs’ technology, much to the antipathy of everyone who has owned a phone since the advent of robocalling. Chances are, you’ve been on the receiving end of one…or maybe, like 1,000, of these calls.

Stratics records and stores their calls on AWS servers, and earlier this week it was learned that the company left a backend storage server open with no password. That little oversight exposed the recordings of more than 100,000 recordings with customers, many of which discussed personal details.

These calls were stored in folders in AWS servers, and it has been learned that most were to presumed customers who provided sensitive information including their names, addresses, birth dates, and in some cases, voter ID numbers.

The discovery of the exposed data came to light in early April, 2019, and AWS cloud security researchers believe that the AWS servers were left open for quite a while before discovery.

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