Survey Highlights Top Four Trends in Cloud Security Adoption

Lacework worked with Hurwitz and Associates to survey the market and learn about the current state of cloud security, challenges and learnings from early adopters of the cloud. The results (and Hurwitz’s expert analysis) paint a picture of an industry that’s rapidly moving beyond its initial growing pains – even if there are still a few thorns among the roses.

The report identifies 4 key trends every cloud security practitioner should understand:

  1. Security still keeps cloud pros up at night. “Safe and secure” topped the list of must-have cloud solution characteristics.
  2. The speed vs. security debate rages on. According to Hurwitz, “getting security up to DevOps speed is an essential part of the cloud puzzle.”
  3. Even so, security is getting a seat at the table. Nearly 90% said their security and ops teams work closely together, and only 6% are guilty of delaying security integration until production.
  4. Cloud security tools are maturing. That’s good news because 85% of respondents believe cloud and traditional data center security are very different beasts.

Survey Highlights Top Four Trends in Cloud Security Adoption, cloud prioritiesFig 2. Priorities when evaluating an ideal cloud solution. Source: Hurwitz & Associates, 2018

The report goes on to provide some great advice on the most critical cloud security solution characteristics and the 5 steps everyone should take to get cloud security right.

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