Takeaways From my First Week at Lacework

After a whirlwind end to 2018 filled with traveling, transitioning from Cisco, followed by more traveling, I officially completed my first week as Director of Channel Sales at Lacework. From the second I walked in the door at our Mountain View headquarters, a few things became abundantly clear:

1.)  The office is a beehive of activity. Engineering. Customer Success. SDRs. Everyone is flying around to meetings, huddles, customer calls, you name it. The energy greets you as soon as you set foot in the office.

2.) The team is a group of A+ players with a number of different backgrounds all working towards one common goal; to secure our customers as they make the migration to the public cloud, or want to secure their existing cloud infrastructure. Some are from large companies, others small. From founder to day one employees (like me!) everyone contributes and is treated as part of the (growing) family.

3.) We are addressing a MASSIVE customer problem in the midst of another major inflection point in the market – securing your public cloud environment. I sat in on several discovery calls, demos and trial deployments and the feedback is unanimous; every single one of them is moving to the cloud (namely AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform) and they need help securing those environments. They need someone to provide visibility and context, automation and to do so at scale. Enter Lacework!

I mentioned customers above, but what about partners?! Now, the fun part starts, and this is what energizes me the most and why I ultimately came aboard to join the Lacework team in accelerating our channel route to market. Simply put, there is an incredible opportunity for the partner community in the rapidly-evolving public cloud security space. Customers of all sizes continue to migrate to the public cloud and they’re looking for trusted partners and advisors to help them on this journey. Legacy security tools simply were not built to secure these types of environments.

I could go on and on (but I won’t because I want you to read other future posts!) but those are the BIG takeaways from my first full week on the job. If you are interested in becoming a partner, would like to see a live demo or would like a Free Trial for 30 days, please reach out to me directly (mark@lacework.com or feel free to send me a direct message on LinkedIn) or sign up for yourself here.

Thank you for reading my first entry and for your continued support. I will continue to provide updates monthly, but in the meantime please reach out to me with any questions!