CallTrackingMetrics gains visibility and security with Lacework and AWS solution

25 to 30 percent of our machines went from Intel to Graviton running EC2 as we rolled things out. And here’s the thing: without any issues. None.


All-in-one conversation platform CallTrackingMetrics combines marketing attribution with conversation intelligence tools to help businesses gain visibility into customer actions. CallTrackingMetrics has grown steadily and organically since its founding in 2012, and security has always been a priority, but in 2020, company leaders decided they needed to take data protection to a new, more sophisticated level. CallTrackingMetrics connected with cloud security provider and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner Lacework to develop and implement a robust solution that is helping the conversation platform identify threats and stay secure as it continues to expand and pursue new opportunities.


  • Identify threats and increase security as company expands
  • Achieve SOC 2 compliance to gain enterprise business


  • Engaged Lacework and transitioned to AWS Graviton
  • Saw unidentified security threats appear immediately upon deployment


  • Invested in growth-related priorities without having to hire new personnel
  • Easily allowed customers to run their own version of the CallTrackingMetrics platform