Poka gains visibility into containers with deep application context with Lacework

Lacework learns the rules changes s they come. I can spend my time fixing real issues instead of fixing the whitelisting.


Poka is a connected worker application built specifically for manufacturers. It brings together collaboration, training, and skills management into a single integrated platform to empower factory workers to learn continuously and solve problems autonomously. Designed from the ground-up as a cloud native application, Poka lets companies build their own proprietary knowledge base to use and share globally. The Poka application is built on an Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) architecture running in their AWS environment. As the application grows, the company continually adds new containerized instances and features.


  • Scaling up monitoring with new AWS Elastic Container Services (ECS)
  • Container Services (ECS)
  • Overcoming alert fatigue and alert management
  • Demonstrating security and compliance to customers


  • Provides visibility inside AWS ECS
  • DNS enriched alerts
  • Easy to implement and learn


  • Better application context for alerts, faster alert resolution, and reduced alert fatigue
  • Replaced several security tools, reducing complexity and improving cost efficiencies
  • More time to fix real issues