Lacework enables Sliide to manage vulnerabilities and demonstrate compliance

With the reports generated by the Lacework dashboard, we can easily see what resources are compliant, what resources are not compliant, and what we need to do to achieve compliance.


Sliide develops app, software development toolkit (SDK), and web-based products alongside distribution partners in the mobile network operator, virtual network operator, and service provider spaces. Each partner sources a large number of devices, and Sliide’s products monetize parts of those devices by offering a business model that involves sponsored content, advertising, and other activities that impact the device users, most of whom are based in the United States.


  • Gain 24/7 proof of compliance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Maintain a strong security practice as company scales up
  • Maximize tool testing efficiency while minimizing labor


  • Set up Lacework in a few hours and left machine learning to baseline over the weekend
  • Deployed efficiently by using pre-existing modules from
  • Lacework on the TerraForm documentation website


  • Demonstrated compliance daily with automated reports
  • Received high-quality alerts to protect against malicious behavior
  • Used dashboards to prioritize workflow and visualize vulnerabilities