Cryptojacking 101: What it is, why it matters, and how to respond


In 2021, cryptojacking was the world’s most common malware — and its popularity continues to rise. Cryptomining is an extremely lucrative practice, with miners earning tens of billions annually. And cryptojacking malware isn’t easily noticeable. Cyber criminals breach environments and hide undetected, slowly sapping compute resources as they line their pockets with cash.

Watch this webinar to learn the basics of cryptojacking, why the cloud is particularly lucrative for cryptojackers, and the most effective ways to fight against this cybercrime.

In this primer on cryptojacking, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the cryptomining process
  • Why cryptojacking is gaining popularity
  • How a cryptojacking attack is often carried out
  • Best practices on avoiding a cryptojacking attack

Unlike ransomware, a new era of attacks like cryptojacking and data exfiltration attempt to hide in the dark, doing the most damage over the long haul. But there are ways to fight back.

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