Moving beyond blindspots: How to reduce security risks in the cloud


Understanding your complex cloud environment is tricky. Workloads, containers, and serverless functions are added and removed constantly. Vulnerabilities are endless. Security staff is in short supply.

But here’s the reality: cloud security is built in incremental steps. And process improvement involves multiple stakeholders — not just security teams.

Do you need to up-level your existing cloud security strategy? Wherever you find yourself, start your journey with confidence, knowing you can add more security layers as your needs evolve.

Watch our on-demand webinar with IDC Group Vice President, Security & Trust, Frank Dickson, and Lacework Distinguished Cloud Strategist Mark Nunnikhoven for a discussion on the most effective way to build a cloud security strategy using data, analysis, and actionable insights to reduce risk and deliver maximum coverage.

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Frank Dickson
Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC
Mark Nunnihioven
Distinguished Cloud Strategist, Lacework