How YOUR data can drive cloud security success at scale

Modern organizations face a ton of cloud complexity—migrations, new applications, acquisitions, multi-cloud, microservices, and more. Change is the only constant in the cloud.

A strong cloud strategy treats security as one pillar among several and that tight integration with the rest of the business leads to better outcomes.

The challenge though comes in not just including security, rather getting security to approach things differently. “Security practices don’t take advantage of the data available to them. That’s like driving a car with only one wheel, it’s ridiculous!”, says Mark Nunnikhoven, resident Cloud Strategist at Lacework.

What makes him think this? Can he back it up? Join us as Mark answers these questions and more. He’ll cover:

  • Tips for integrating security into your cloud strategy
  • How to get the most from your security practice in the cloud
  • What data sources are available to your team
  • Cloud account security and developer-driven innovation
  • Why analyzing and understanding behavioral data at scale drives security success

About Mark

Mark Nunnikhoven explores the impact of technology on individuals, organizations, and communities through the lens of privacy and security.

Asking the question, “How can we ensure that our technology does what we expect, and only what we expect?” Mark helps organizations around the world navigate their cloud transformations while managing the risks of our digital world.

As a Distinguished Cloud Strategist at Lacework and security platform for the AWS Cloud, Mark helps teams modernize their security practices. With a strong focus on automation, he helps bridge the gap between DevOps and traditional security.

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Mark Nunnikhoven
Cloud Strategist