Optimisez votre SecOps avec Lacework et Snowflake

When it comes to business today, speed is everything. Having the right data at the right time can make or break your business’ ability to innovate and grow. Thousands of companies today rely on Snowflake to easily store, access, unite, and analyze all of their data.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud unites siloed data, discovers and securely shares company data, giving customers a single data experience that may span multiple clouds and geographies

Having all this data in a single place has its advantages, but as the security discussion moves upward into the boardroom, so too is the need for business leaders to show progress against their security objectives.

Issues such as compliance requirements, vulnerability detection, detection of malicious activity means you need total visibility across your entire cloud environment. Visibility at the infrastructure level across your AWS, GCP, Azure Kubernetes or other containers and workloads is an absolute necessity, from built time to run time.

So how do you do that? With Lacework.

Visibility with Lacework

Lacework delivers end-to-end visibility into everything that’s going in your cloud. Our technology analyzes data from your applications, services, users and networks to detect threats, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and sketchy activity.

Our AI and machine learning learn what’s normal in your environment and lets you know of anomalous behavior, along with the full context to make investigations quick and easy.

Best of all, with our behavioral analytics, you don’t need to write or maintain the rules used by legacy security tools.

Lacework + Snowflake

Joining Lacework and Snowflake brings the value of cloud security data to the rest of the business — breaking down barriers between groups with a vested interest in protecting the organization. Combining Lacework data with other security and business data helps organizations holistically measure their security and compliance posture, more effectively respond to incidents, and conduct investigations with ease.

By tying into the overall business intelligence reporting, organizations can create custom security and compliance dashboards and showcase progress made against security objectives. Additionally, by leveraging the Snowflake data lake for long term security data retention, organizations have a cost effective way to ensure quick access to data in the event of an investigation and to meet compliance requirements.

Combining Lacework and Snowflake data helps customers:

  • Increase their ability to analyze and measure security and compliance postures:alleviating cost barriers for companies to be able to ingest and analyze all of their business and security data.
  • More effectively respond to incidents: higher-fidelity analytics and longer retention time leads to faster threat detection, more targeted incident response and a more secure cloud environment.
  • Conduct investigations with ease: through automation, machine learning, and AI, security teams can reduce millions of events down to a handful of relevant data points.

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