Frost & Sullivan report names Lacework a CNAPP market leader

Abstract architectural photo shot from the ground. Features a lot of modern windows and steel. From the beginning, we knew that scalable cloud security must be data-driven and platform-first, which is why since2015, we’ve offered the market a better alternative to rules-based security and the point solution madness — one platform to cover every stage of the cloud-native application lifecycle, from development through to production. 

In 2021, leading analyst firms caught on to our approach and gave it the label “cloud-native application protection platform” — or CNAPP. And now, in 2022, our approach is being further cemented, as these same analyst firms are beginning to recognize Lacework as a “Leader” in the CNAPP space.

Frost & Sullivan has ranked Lacework as a leader among global CNAPP solutions in its new report, Frost Radar™: Cloud-native Application Protection Platforms, 2022. The report — the first comparative analyst report on CNAPP — placed Lacework as a leading vendor in innovation and growth, out of 15 other CNAPP vendors.

 A powerhouse, dominating and shaping the CNAPP market

With this report, Frost & Sullivan joins a growing chorus of other outlets who have recently praised Lacework for its innovation and success, including CNBC, who recently featured Lacework in its first-ever Top Startups for the Enterprise list, and Forbes, who highlighted Lacework in The Cloud 100 for 2022.

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, the companies that earned a spot in the rankings are “the powerhouses that are dominating and shaping the CNAPP market.” Frost & Sullivan praised Lacework, in particular, for demonstrating a “commitment to R&D, innovation, and clear short- and-long-term roadmap and direction, which is crucial for this emerging and evolving market.” 

Out of 15 CNAPP vendors, Lacework ranked #2 in innovation. Frost & Sullivan specifically called attention to recent platform enhancements, including IaC scanning, inline scanner for container vulnerability detection, risk score for vulnerability, and a layered agentless and agent-based approach to workload protection and scanning. 

Of those same 15 CNAPP vendors, Lacework ranked #4 in growth — an axis that took into consideration market share, revenue growth, growth pipeline, vision and strategy, and sales and marketing. The consulting firm acknowledged impressive growth momentum, which has led Lacework to claim 5.4% of the market share and build a portfolio of innovative brands like VMware, Nextdoor, Snowflake, and LendingTree.

Frost & Sullivan also highlighted Lacework for its significant pipeline and identified it as an organization well-positioned for future growth in the industry. Moreover, they recognized Lacework as being top of mind for customers, investors, value chain partners, and future talent as a significant value provider.

 Scalable cloud security with Lacework and CNAPP

In a 2021 report, Gartner introduced the concept of the CNAPP. These integrated solutions, such as the Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform, bring together a number of vital capabilities, including cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection platform (CWPP), cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM), infrastructure as code (IaC) security, and more. In one centralized platform, a CNAPP delivers visibility across your cloud environment and the ability to more effectively manage cloud risk and detect threats.

Lacework believes that a CNAPP should deliver four major outcomes: visibility into risks, insights into active threats, the ability to take quick action by automatically correlating data together, and the simplification to move faster by delivering these in a unified platform. The Polygraph Data Platform is designed for security as well as flexibility: since cloud technologies constantly evolve, it’s imperative that a CNAPP is extensible and future-proof.

 In the spirit of continued innovation, Lacework announced extended CNAPP capabilities just last week. With the introduction of attack path analysis, it’s easier than ever to prioritize the most exploitable risks, reduce time to investigate, and gain runtime visibility into what’s actually happening. And, with enhancements to agentless workload scanning, customers can quickly find vulnerabilities and exposed secrets across cloud workloads, gaining broader coverage in minutes without the use of agents. 

 To learn more about Lacework and our classification as a global CNAPP market leader, please download the Frost & Sullivan report.