Lacework Security for AWS Graviton2 ARM-based Infrastructure: Why It Matters

Lacework is proud to support the AWS Graviton2 ARM-based infrastructure. Lacework was part of the early-beta program with Amazon and introduced this capability to our customers in the Fall of 2020. Over the past six months, we’ve helped many customers secure their clouds effortlessly after migrating and helped them achieve their goal of up to 40% better performance from comparable x86-based instances for up to 20% less with ARM.

“We’ve been helping customers secure their clouds and drive cost efficiencies by switching to ARM since we released support in the fall of 2020. Now, enterprise customers seeking to achieve significant savings are realizing the advantages of adopting ARM and AWS Graviton-based instances,” said Dan Hubbard, Chief Product Officer, Lacework. “With the Lacework ARM security agent and our support across AWS services, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive cloud security platform to protect all types of workloads on AWS.

AWS Graviton2 processors, based on the 64-bit ARM architecture, are supported by popular Linux operating systems.

Lacework Continually Innovates to Help Customers Achieve Better Outcomes

By delivering support for the AWS Graviton2 processors, Lacework is continuing to innovate in the cloud security space helping customers to take advantage of what’s next in cloud security. Lacework’s history of innovation helps customers:

  • Consider a move to AWS Graviton2 to optimize cloud spend
  • Future proof their cloud environment by relying on Lacework’s SaaS-based cloud security model
  • Quickly adapt and innovate while continuing to ship with speed and safety
  • Maintain portability of their cloud infrastructure without having to worry about how to monitor compliance and security

ARM Support is the Latest in a History of Innovation From Lacework

Since 2015, Lacework has been disrupting the cloud security market with it’s innovative approach to threat detection. By using behaviors instead of rules, Lacework can identify anomalous behavior faster than other detection methods giving security teams the advantage. Here is a list of some of Lacework’s most recent  innovations that help keep our customers secure:

  • Support for Fargate
  • New S3 exporting capabilities
  • Support for AWS Graviton2 ARM-based infrastructure
  • CI/CD integrations and APIs
  • Build-time and Run-time Vulnerability Scanning



Lacework Delivers For Customers 

ARM usage is a growing trend among our customers and the companies we speak with every day. For many of them, It is a no-brainer to turn to an ARM-based processing environment due to the massive cost savings and performance levels it provides.

In 2021, we’ve seen more and more organizations are shifting their workloads to ARM-based architectures. This allows them to take advantage of the tremendous price-performance benefit that AWS’s Graviton2 EC2 provides. Our customers report they are achieving a 40% savings or more leveraging Graviton2.

With Lacework, customers can be confident that they can achieve full cloud visibility and that their entire environment is protected. Customers have been using the new Lacework to protect ARM-based AWS Graviton environments for 6 months, all with the exceptional levels of visibility and security they get with Lacework.

Learn More

If you’re moving towards an ARM-based infrastructure, let us help you protect your changing environment. To learn more, watch the demo video, reach out to our solution specialists, or visit our Supported Operating Systems support page.

For more information about the other AWS-related capabilities that Lacework recently announced, visit the blog “Lacework Expands Security, Visibility, and Automation Across AWS Environments”.


Following is a transcript of the embedded video “Securing Your ARM-based Infrastructure with Lacework” 

Why are organizations shifting to an ARM architecture?

Lacework was founded in 2015. Since then, we’ve seen cloud usage expand at an explosive rate. Now, with the conditions imposed by Covid-19 and the Great Confinement, companies are seeking new ways to address the costs associated with rapid cloud growth. As a result, more and more organizations are shifting their workloads to ARM-based architectures. This allows them to take advantage of the tremendous price-performance benefit that AWS’s Graviton2 EC2 provides. Our customers report they are achieving a 40% savings or more leveraging Graviton2. 

Why did Lacework decide to build support for the ARM architecture?

At the heart of the decision to support ARM was a desire to help our customers get more for less. As we have grown, Lacework has maintained that scrappy start-up mentality that says, ‘How can we achieve this goal for our customers in the most efficient way possible?’ Once we realized what switching to ARM could save our own organization, we knew our customers could achieve similar cost efficiencies. That’s really what fueled our efforts. 

 Cloud innovators are always seeking ways to optimize their environments to achieve maximum performance and reduce their total cloud spend. Lacework’s customers ARE those cloud innovators, so it was important that we built native support for ARM providing our customers with the visibility and security they needed. 

What can ARM customers do now that they couldn’t do before? 

With Lacework, customers can spot threats across all of their environments including traditional Intel-based architectures as well as ARM – all within a unified console view–a single pane of glass. Customers can innovate and scale across different architectures and infrastructures, leveraging whichever combinations work best for them. Because Lacework is behavior-based, customers making the switch to ARM can instantly automate rule writing and eliminate excessive alerts.

Lacework understands what your normal looks like – regardless of architecture – and tracks behaviors specific to each customer’s environment. We leverage anomaly detection to detect threats and identify misconfigurations far earlier than other approaches. And we do it without the need to build and maintain rules and suppressions. 

Today, ARM-based customers can achieve the performance and cost-benefit of Graviton2, without worrying about cloud security because Lacework has them covered. 

Lacework was one of the first cloud security companies to support ARM. Why is that important?

Many of the security tools on the market today lack support for the ARM architecture, so customers were coming to Lacework looking for solutions.

In late 2020, we introduced an early adopter program to support these customers on ARM.  Today, we have many customers leveraging the Lacework agent to protect their Graviton2-based instances.  Some are just dipping their toes, and some are 100% ARM,  but they can all count on Lacework to help them achieve complete visibility and stop threats.


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